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Food Safety Policy Appendix C

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IUPUI Food Services is the contracted exclusive food service provider which includes all retail, catering (IUPUI Food Services) and concession sales on the IUPUI campus, and Canteen Vending provides all snack, food and coffee vending operations.

This is a geographic exclusivity and applies to all IU buildings and grounds generally located between West Street on the east, White River on the south and west and Indiana Avenue on the north.

Payment by an IU Foundation account is not an exception and this exclusivity applies equally to all users of University buildings (i.e., non-University groups renting space or scheduling events in University buildings).

Additionally, Indiana University has a system-wide contract with Coca Cola and only Coke products can be sold or advertised on any IU campus.

Exceptions to Exclusivity

  • Sponsorships of events by an "outside" restaurant, caterer, grocery store or food distributor that donates (100%) food or beverage for the event. In order to insure safe food handling, a list (on the donor's letterhead) of what is being donated must be forwarded to IUPUI Food Services (, and the Special Event Notification form ( must be filled out to notify the appropriate campus service providers.

  • IUPUI Food Services recognizes that on occasion it may not be possible to provide the type or level of service requested (inability to cater) due to prior commitments and the customer might have to look elsewhere for service. This circumstance should be rare and if an outside caterer must be engaged, approval by the Director of Catering is necessary. Sufficient advanced planning and notice to IUPUI Food Services is requested.

  • Locations (building/grounds) on the IUPUI campus that are not managed by IU such as IU Health Hospitals, Wishard, VA, Ronald McDonald House and NIFS are exempt.  Ball Residence, Center for Young Children, and Campus Apartments are also exempt.

  • Pitch-ins, which are defined as food and beverage provided by the participants of an event not intended to be resold and not reimbursed by either an IU or IUF account,are exempt.

  • Events serving purchased food or beverage totaling $100.00 or less are exempt.

  • Weekend events serving food or beverage that do not meet the current IUPUI Food Services sales minimum requirement are exempt (please contact the Catering Office for additional information).

  • Food fundraisers can serve as a source of revenue for students groups. Food fundraisers and the applicable Marion County Department of Public Health regulations have been formalized in the IUPUI Food Safety Policy.

Please note that exemption from the IUPUI Food Services Exclusivity Policy does not include exemption from the IUPUI Food Safety Policy.   The Food Safety Policy was developed specifically to address food fundraisers and the safe handling of food.  The policy requires adherence to safe food practices, and allows the fundraising organization to avoid the collection of sales tax.  As long as the IUPUI Food Safety Policy is followed, it is not a requirement that food be purchased (to be resold for fundraising purposes) from IUPUI Food Services.

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Updated:  10/13/2013